Area 15

Summer Love Music Festival

15 May Summer Love Music Festival

Saturday, Aug 10 1:00p to 10:00p Area Fifteen Charlotte, NC On the corner of 15th street and North Davidson Summer Love Music Festival is a charity event to help promote local artist in the Charlotte area. A full day of live music, live art, food, games and entertainment....

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10 Apr Fundraiser for Area Fifteen

Help Area 15 Lift Off! Click on the above link to go to the Area Fifteen's fundraiser site. Friends of Area 15 are teaming together to raise $35,000 to finish building the courtyard which includes completing the back stage, adding two more bathrooms to the building and...

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29 Mar The Joseph Girls Foundation

[caption id="attachment_1301" align="alignnone" width="582"] The Joseph Girls Foundation[/caption] NewSchool Venture the Success Education Division of The Joseph Girls Foundation, Inc., endeavors to create an environment for the success of potential and practicing young entrepreneurs. Through-in-depth personal assessments, mentoring, hands-on-training and relationship building, NSV helps to shape the...

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22 Jan Queen City Marketing Management

"Queen City Marketing Management aims to positively support business growth- and the community alike. We complement our client's operations with new-aged marketing techniques and quality networking.By creating and leveraging a positive web and social media presence- we maximize our clients potential marketing reach. Building a...

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16 Jul Upcoming Events

Area 15 is bringing several events to NoDa you might want to check out: All events held at Area15, at the corner of N. Davidson St. and 15th St., more details at Aug 10-11th, CHRISTIAN/ANARCHISM conference- REFLECTION AND RESISTANCE,  FREE, it's the 10th annual International...

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10 Jul Anarchism and Christianity X Conference

A decade. That is how long Jesus Radicals has been gathering people together to explore the intersections of counter-cultural Christian faith and anarchist politics. Together, new and old friends have met to discuss economics, peacemaking, intentional community, immigration, the technological society, experiments in alternative living,...

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