Area 15 is an innovative small, micro, business incubator.  We are located in Charlotte, NC, in the NODA arts district. This 23,000 sq. foot  building is itself an evolving piece of art filled with tenants who have a community heart.


Area 15 includes studio spaces for techies, artists, musicians, and a diverse group of other professionals. We currently house over 20 small businesses, including other small business incubators,  a “Really Really Freestore”, an Urban Prayer room, a bicycle recyclery, Heroic Fitness Gym, a free legal clinic, in addition to all sorts of craftsmen, tattooists, cooks, builders, designers, writers,etc.  Many of us live in this neighborhood and we come together to make our daily lives a unique experience.


One of our goals is to inspire others to take a vacant warehouse in another financially struggling neighborhood and, along with the people who live around it, (those who need jobs), build another micro business incubator of their own.


24-7 space  Photo 115


We invite you to arrange a tour of Area 15 and meet some of the members of our community. We look forward to seeing you soon! E-mail us at carlos@areafifteen.com